Desire and Love


By Mindy Lynn Amor

Welcome to the fascinating world of “Aphrodite: Desire and Love”! This delightful tale follows the remarkable journey of Darling Singer, a young woman celebrated for her beauty and often compared to the goddess Aphrodite. Within the busy streets of New York City, Darling boards on an extraordinary quest to uncover love and her true essence.

About The Author

Mindy Lynn Amor

Welcome to the charming world of an author whose journey spans from the quaint town of Logansport, Indiana, to the lively landscapes of life itself. Having boarded a journey of learning and experiencing, she has interlaced an embroidery of memories across various places. Today, she calls Elkhart, Indiana, her home, where her heart finds solace.

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As the narrative discloses, Darling’s pursuit takes her across the vibrant landscapes from New York City’s glamour to the dazzling lights of Sin City, where her path intersects with those of fellow single adventurers. Through chance encounters and shared aspirations, Darling discovers the power of friendship among kindred spirits who, like her, are in search of both companionship and self-discovery.

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